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We're dedicated to wasp control for our environment and helping landowners destroy these annoying and dangerous pests. Based in the Hawkes Bay, we provide wasp control services mainly through the central North Island of New Zealand. But we can provide advice if you live further afield!

We control vespula species wasps: common and german wasps. These introduced wasps are a major threat to New Zealand's native biodiversity. Wasps can also become a real safety hazard on private property and in outdoor public areas or conservation sites.

We specialise in the control of larger wasp infestations using Vespex® a protein based wasp bait developed in New Zealand for use in bait stations.

Where individual wasp nests can be located and accessed, nests are destroyed using a permethrin based insecticidal dust. This is applied directly into the nest entrance. Destroying individual nests can be effective control for smaller isolated infestations.

Feel free to call or email for advice about any wasp problem you have, big or small.

Wasps and their control

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Both common and german wasp species are introduced non-native species in New Zealand. Seasonally they form large nests, infest public areas and become a nuisance and hazard to people. In addition to this, wasps disrupt native ecosystems and have huge impacts on biodiversity throughout New Zealand.

The best way to control widespread wasp infestations is by using bait stations to dispense Vespex®.

Vespex® targets wasps and is bee friendly, but must be applied by an approved user.

A critical aspect of applying Vespex® is testing wasp feeding patterns prior to carrying out control operations.

Vespex® enables very safe and effective control of wasps in areas such as:

  • Public reserves
  • Picnic and camp sites
  • Farms, orchards and vineyards
  • Conservation areas
  • Public event sites

In some public areas, wasp control requires planning, permits and notifications in addition to testing for wasp activity prior to operations being carried out. We can carry out this complete process on behalf of land owners or managers.

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What can you do to help?

If you experience wasp problems there are several things you can do to help with control:

  • Check to see where the wasps originate from. Call your local city, district or regional council for assistance and to advise them of the issue. It may be that adjoining properties are the source of the wasp problem.
  • Testing for wasp feeding preference and abundance is very helpful. It helps ensure successful control using Vespex ® .Take a look here for simple advice on how you can do this.
  • If you lack time, or are just simply overwhelmed by the extent of the wasp infestation, contact me for advice, I can help.
  • Wasps can be a serious health and safety risk. Always be safe around wasps, don't attempt control of nests unless you have the right gear and know-how for this job.