Wasp Wipeout: Community Initiative launched

The Nelson Mail and Stuff are today launching Wasp Wipeout, a community-led conservation project that aims to significantly reduce German and common wasp populations in the Nelson-Tasman region this summer. "The wasps' hum, the white noise of the forest, is a constant reminder that they — the foreign invaders — are winning. They are having a devastating impact on our native birds, bats, lizards and insects, exploiting the most valuable food sources of the forest and entirely altering New Zealand's natural biodiversity. These wasps are also a serious threat to people, delivering painful stings that can cause life-threatening allergic reactions and — in extreme cases — death. "The frequency of people being hospitalised or even dying ... puts wasps as one of the most dangerous insects in the country." - Victoria University insect ecologist Professor Phil Lester "The most hated pest in the country. Nobody has a good thing to say about them." - Bryce Buckland, Friends of Rotoiti founding member" Read more here about this community initiative that may serve well as a model for other parts of New Zealand:
wasp image