Bait station set up Ngaruruoro

This shows a typical bait station set up to dispense Vespex® wasp bait. In this situation a wasp infestation is being controlled on private property adjoining the Ngaruruoro River in the Hawkes Bay- the riparian area is the source of many nests, resulting in the high numbers of wasps infesting this property.


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Wasp feeding on Vespex®

This shows wasp feeding activity on Vespex® wasp bait. Wasps feed on this bait and carry it back to nests. Nests are destroyed with 2-3 days of bait being dispensed via bait stations, enabling wide control of areas where nest sites cannot be located.

wasp vespex

Wasp nest in attic

This wasp nest was destroyed in an attic recently. The nest was about the size of a football and attached to the rear of a filing cabinet and box. The wasps had eaten their way into the box and made it part of their nest.


Asian Paper Wasps


Not wasps but cicadas..


We see cicadas in large numbers here in New Zealand too! Been and gone here.

No: they don't sting!

Wasps Plague Riverbanks says HBRC

Wasps Plague Riverbanks

There is a population explosion of wasps along Hawke’s Bay riverbanks and Hawke’s Bay Regional Council is warning people to take care along river berm areas.

“If there’s a large amount of wasps around, our advice is to leave the area, and certainly avoid going into the undergrowth where you may disturb a wasp nest,” says Vince Byrne, HBRC’s rivers manager.
It is not known why wasps have increased to such large numbers in these areas but there have been reports of similar problems in other parts of the country.