Chain-sawing through a wasp nest

A swarm of wasps attacked a 60-year-old man recently after he accidentally chain-sawed through a wasp nest.


Costs of wasps to NZ

Pest wasps are costing New Zealand's economy $130 million a year, a new study says.
The impact of the introduced pests included wasp-related traffic incidents, costing $1.4 million a year, and more than $1 million in health costs from wasp stings.
But the greatest impact the study said was on the agricultural and horticultural sectors
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Controlling single nests

I've been asked if we are able to control single wasp nests, often on private property in urban areas or life style blocks.

The answer is yes! We do undertake this work. If the nest entrance can be found, it's more than likely the nest can be destroyed using insecticidal dust, applied directly into the nest. Sometimes this requires more than one application.

We offer a fixed price for single wasp nest destruction- call or email for more information. No charge until the job is complete and wasp nest totally eradicated.

Here's one nest destroyed just recently in central Hawkes Bay. This nest was located pretty much on the property owners back door step next to their verandah…not a comfortable situation at all!

wasp nest