Asian Paper Wasps

Asian Paper Wasps are very common at the moment and often mistaken for common or german wasps. Asian Paper wasps are another introduced species that are having significant impacts on the ecology of NZ native species, particularly moths and butterflies.

Asian paper wasps are recognisable by their longer dangly legs, plus they tend to congregate in small groups, often favouring wooden structures such as fences or handrails, wherever it is sunny. They cluster around vegetation, seemingly spending their days in pointless meanderings.

Yes these wasps do sting. Controlling them is more problematic than controlling common or german wasps. The best way is to control the paper wasp is to locate its nest- a small (up to fist size) papery nest usually attached to vegetation or buildings. Spray the nest with fly spray. You can detach the nest and put it in a plastic bag and into the rubbish. Be careful though!

Getting rid of these wasps really helps species of butterflies, such as Monarchs, because the paper wasp preys on butterfly caterpillars.

asian paper wasp