Bait station set up Ngaruruoro

This shows a typical bait station set up to dispense Vespex® wasp bait. In this situation a wasp infestation is being controlled on private property adjoining the Ngaruruoro River in the Hawkes Bay- the riparian area is the source of many nests, resulting in the high numbers of wasps infesting this property.


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Wasp feeding on Vespex®

This shows wasp feeding activity on Vespex® wasp bait. Wasps feed on this bait and carry it back to nests. Nests are destroyed with 2-3 days of bait being dispensed via bait stations, enabling wide control of areas where nest sites cannot be located.

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VESPEX® Development

Some information on Vespex® development 

Vespex® being used at Abel Tasman

Vespex® being used in this wasp control operation at Abel Tasman National Park